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Montreal based high end kitchen designs. The best in the business!
— Vannesa Montanaro
One of the most avant-garde kitchens in Montreal. Personalised service and amazing designers. Ordered my kitchen on time, everything installed timely and took care if the scratch that happend during delivery!!
— Sebastien Millette
This is the second kitchen that Cuisines Steam designed and built for us. Very professional team. Patient and very helpful at the design stages, respects deadlines and meticulous installation. Would recommend Cuisines Steam without hesitation.
— Pierre Ruel



Our story


Cuisines Steam

A love story is behind the founding of Cuisines Steam. A couple that had a great desire to work together decided to unite in 2002 to live from their passions. Both foodies and design enthusiasts, Brigitte Boulanger and Jean Côté joined forces to rethink the heart of the home - the kitchen.

A name derived from Quebec jargon seemed appropriate. The "steam" or condensation that formed in the windows when cooking, inspired the name of the company. A name that is a nod to Brigitte's mother who passed on her passion for the culinary arts. 

After presenting their products at the SIDIM (International Design Exhibition of Montreal)  Cuisines Steam opened its first showroom in 2002, on Bellechasse St. in Montreal.  Upon receiving the Certificate of Excellence in the kitchen cabinets category, business was booming. Projects were multiplying for a growing customer base and thus Cuisines Steam became a pillar in the field of contemporary kitchen design. 

In 2006, the company moved its showroom to a storefront in Little Italy in Montreal.  The space allowed for the showcasing of the latest innovations in the field. With time, the company expanded with the addition of designers, wood-workers and a specialized installation team.

With ideas and aspirations abounding, a need for space was felt in order to meet the creative needs of the business, but also to accommodate the growing team.

In 2014, the Montreal based design company drops anchor on St-Laurent Blvd. The new premises offer substantial improvements over the latest nest in Little Italy.  The space allows for the showcasing of their innovative ideas and remarkable quality. 


Current showroom of Cuisines Steam and its new brand coquo

7865 St-Laurent blvd, Montreal

Cuisines Steam is thus backed by a strong sense of tradition and craftsmanship. Designers, wood-workers and installers unite, and through their respective specialities and talents offer a product that represents the creativity and effervescence of Montreal.


Planning process

The following is a detailed list of the different packages offered by Cuisines Steam. A visit to our showroom will demonstrate our approach to kitchen design as well as our company philosophy.

preliminary meeting

Tell us about your project, meet with a designer in our showroom and discover our kitchens, our materials library and most importantly, learn more about our expertise. A general budget evaluation can be done on site. Click the link below to learn about the items to prepare for your first meeting.


Quote based on external plans

If you have already developed kitchen plans with an architect or designer, we can evaluate the budget price based on these. Once the budget price is accepted, we invite you to proceed to the next step.  With the Steam consultation, you benefit from the whole team's expertise as we develop the ergonomics and functional aspects of your space.

Consultation and planning with a steam designer

Recognized for our unique designs and as ergonomics specialists, we offer you the best of our ideas by planning all the little details of your future kitchen. Our goal is to offer you a concept that will take you elsewhere by thinking outside the box. We will present you a complete set of plans with 3D renderings and elevation views to explain the thought process and planning that went into our proposition. We will also prepare a detailed quote of the proposed concept. Once the quote is accepted and the contract is signed, we will give you the complete file and continue working on your project to refine the concept. 


*credited on the delivery of the kitchen

Purchasing a steam kitchen

Purchasing a Steam kitchen means benefitting from the expertise of our team of designers, woodworkers and installers. You invest in an exceptional design, a very high quality product and a service that has made our reputation!

We will hand you a complete set of plans and drawings presented to you during your consultation with a Steam designer, and we will be able to rework the plans to your satisfaction. Steam goes on site to take proper measurements and prepare detailed production plans. These plans will have the necessary details for site preparation by your contractor, plumber and electrician. Upon your request, we can also prepare a lighting proposal plan. The Steam team supports you in your project all the way to installation. Even after delivery, we will always be of service for all add-ons, repairs or maintenance.

* View our policies and warranty

**Consultation and planning with designer included


Our projects

There is no such thing as a small project when rethinking the heart of the home.


Avenue project

Photo credits:  Melanie Elliott

Photo credits: Melanie Elliott

Atelier Sama Plan.jpg

This kitchen that sits in a newly constructed single family dwelling in Rivière-des-Prairies has carved out a special place for itself and it embodies the notion that a kitchen can reach beyond its original scope and draw you in for so much more than cooking. The choice of materials and the importance of natural light are the key ingredients in the design of this kitchen.

Materials: white polyurethane lacquer with 30% gloss, elm veneer, marble backsplash and quartz countertop.





This loft in Old Montreal is the ideal canvas for creating a kitchen that is industrial in feel, yet discrete and elegant. The architectural details are the main focus of this space and the kitchen aims to put them in the forefront. Carefully planned out storage and work zones as well as meticulous detailing make this kitchen one to remember.

Materials: beige, white and black acrylic, black painted steel, black stained oak for shelves and tabletop, quartz and granite counter.

photo credits:    Melanie Elliott

photo credits: Melanie Elliott


Photo credits:    Melanie Elliott

Photo credits: Melanie Elliott



The majestic annexe of this historic house sets the tone for this kitchen. Surrounded by windows showcasing a breathtaking view, this room with spectacular dimensions serves as a living room, a kitchen with integrated pizza oven and a laboratory for an amazing cook! American black walnut from top to bottom with an all-white island that separates the space and guides the eye towards the river.

Materials: gray polyurethane lacquer with 30% gloss, American black walnut veneer in a plank effect, Dekton counter and backsplash.





This Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Kitchen in Montreal is an expression of travel memories for the globetrotting homeowners. It is a peaceful and sober oasis highlighting the artifacts of Africa and other continents for the pleasure of the eyes and the heart. A functional and evocative kitchen that inspires creativity!

Materials: white and black polyurethane lacquer with 30% gloss, American black walnut veneer in a plank effect, counter in St-Marc Stone, black painted steel structure.

photo credits: Mario Dubreuil

photo credits: Mario Dubreuil


photo credits:    Melanie Elliott

photo credits: Melanie Elliott



The renovation of this Hampstead home is the result of a major overhaul of the kitchen space. The living area bathes in light and the kitchen opens up onto the dining room to create a spacious effect in the room. The black walnut niches compartmentalize the storage areas and embellish the pure aesthetic of the kitchen.

Materials: light gray polyurethane lacquer with 30% gloss, American black walnut veneer in a effect plank, quartz backsplash & counter.





This project is part of a complete condo renovation in Montreal. Wood, lacquer and natural stone are the pillars of the overall design in which contrasts are juxtaposed to create a kitchen that is both dynamic and harmonious. The vertical slats of white oak contribute to the transition between the rooms in order to ensure the integration of the kitchen into the living space.

Materials: solid white oak, white oak veneer in a plank effect, gray polyurethane lacquer with 30% gloss, quartzite counter and backsplash.

photo credits:    Melanie Elliott

photo credits: Melanie Elliott


Photo credits:    Jack Jérôme    / Collaboration:    Atelier l’Abri

Photo credits: Jack Jérôme / Collaboration: Atelier l’Abri



This minimalist kitchen is an integral part of the 1986 single-family home in which it is housed. The kitchen and dining room live in perfect harmony in this large, bright space. A bold touch of brass on the backsplash punctuates the design and creates the effect of depth as it draws the eye in.

Materials: white polyurethane lacquer with 30% gloss, gray acrylic, brass backsplash and handles, Neolith and quartz counter.





This house from the fifties has been completely renovated by the Dupont Blouin architecural firm in order to modernize the interior and highlight the integral beauty of the original architecture. The main objective was to fully integrate the kitchen in the space so that it blends completely with the construction materials. The predominance of white oak punctuated by black stained beams and dark metal create a space that is truly harmonious and respectful, yet bold and powerful.

Materials: white oak veneer in a plank effect, hot-rolled steel, granite counter.

photo credits:    Olivier Blouin    / collaboration:    Dupont Blouin architectes

photo credits: Olivier Blouin / collaboration: Dupont Blouin architectes


photo credits:    Mélanie Elliott    / collaboration: coquo

photo credits: Mélanie Elliott / collaboration: coquo


Atelier-Vallier- Plan.jpg

This kitchen renovation project in Montreal is the result of a collaboration between Cuisines Steam and its new modular kitchen brand coquo. A rather bohemian vibe characterizes this kitchen as the desire to display functional everyday objects is an integral part of the design. Solid white oak and natural stone counters are the highlights, making it a dynamic and welcoming kitchen space.

Materials: solid white oak, white oak veneer in a plank effect, white polyurethane lacquer with 30% gloss, quartzite counter.






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Brigitte Boulanger, Cofounder-Co-owner
Design director & marketing

Jean Côté, Cofounder-Co-owner
Production director

Patrizia Giacomini, Kitchen designer-Sales Director

Marie-Sophie Talbot, Kitchen Designer   

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Olivier Breton, Service and Installation Manager

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