Now that we've introduced you to the 2018 trends in terms of techniques, let's get down to business: colors and shades! Here's what Cuisines Steam’s designer team suggest for you to integrate the 2018 trends into your decor.


Even if timeless, pastel colors are making a comeback, both in our homes and on the red carpets, in 2018. Sky blue, powder pink, lilac, peach, and so on!

Admittedly, it is quite easy to integrate pastel colors with accessories such as vases, decorative dinnerware, coasters, etc. But the designers at Cuisines Steam want you to get out of your comfort zone a little! If you remember, last February we mentioned in our article that the variety of shades offered by the lacquer technique is almost infinite. Therefore, opting for this procedure allows you to integrate color trends on your cabinets directly. This is exactly what our team offers you with the two color palettes.

« Soft hues » Laque rose  Benjamin Moore  | Chêne teint par Cuisines Steam | Tuile  Céragrès  | Poignée  R  ocheleau  | Marbre  Antolini

« Soft hues »
Laque rose Benjamin Moore | Chêne teint par Cuisines Steam | Tuile Céragrès | Poignée Rocheleau | Marbre Antolini

« Something blue »  Laque bleu  S  ico  | Chêne teint par Cuisines Steam | Tuile  Céragrès | Poignée  R  ocheleau  | Marbre  Antolini   | Pierre sintérisée  Lapitec  |

« Something blue »

Laque bleu Sico | Chêne teint par Cuisines Steam | Tuile Céragrès| Poignée Rocheleau | Marbre Antolini  | Pierre sintérisée Lapitec |


Last February, we also mentioned the return of the oak as material, which inevitably led to a return of the dye to add a touch of color. For 2018, the two preferred finishes are the "wiped" finish as well as the "opaque" finish. For the two palettes above, we present you two custom made colors signed Cuisine Steam, one with a wiped finish and one with an opaque finis, that mix perfectly with the pastel colors.

This concludes our 2018 Kitchen Cabinet Trends series. Now only one question remains: will you dare to incorporate these trends into your home?


Happy decorating!

Gabrielle B.