Open shelving in the kitchen: love it or hate it?

The debate between open shelves and closed cabinets has existed for quite some time. Many people like the look, but hate the messy side of it despite their impression of a more efficient use of space. (source: Apartment Therapy).

Sure enough, before embarking on a renovation project involving open shelves, it is important to consider a few factors - will I find my pet’s hair in all my dishes? Can I trust myself, will my shelves always be well organized and clean? Is my tableware aesthetically harmonious with the rest of my kitchen? - to name only a few general concerns.

With this trend starting to gain in popularity, kitchen designers are challenged with finding  original options and compromises for their clients who like the look of open shelves, all the while addressing the disadvantages associated with this aesthetic.

Here, we present 3 beautiful ways to integrate open shelves in your kitchen, which we believe are the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.


1 - Take advantage of a vertical wall

Place the items that are useful on a daily basis on open shelves and conceal the items that should be hidden in the drawers and cabinets below and voila! Along a bare wall (as we did here) or in front of a decorative wall covering, you get a look that is both versatile and uncluttered.


2 - The best of both worlds

Feel free to play between the closed cabinet and the open shelf. It's possible, and also aesthetic, to have the best of both worlds. Closed cabinets to store (or hide) less aesthetic but oh so necessary objects, such as baby bottles or tea towels, and an open shelf to put your most beautiful dishes and pretty trinkets in the foreground. A narrow, vertical cabinet with open shelves offers an original and discreet way to personalize your space.


3 - Decorative shelves

Bring life to your traditional kitchen by adding a few small shelves. This is the perfect way to add a touch of decoration without cluttering your workspace, especially if you have a small kitchen. Plants, art projects, family photos, decorative objects... give free rein to your imagination and personalize the heart of your home.


photo credits: Melanie Elliott

We want to know!

And you, what are your thoughts on open shelving?

What are the factors that holds you from integrating this trend into your kitchen?

Have you made the leap? Are you happy that you did?

Happy decorating!

Gabrielle B.