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As you may have seen on our instagram in the last weeks, here at Steam, we are very proud of our team and we decided it was time we officially presented everyone! In addition to the cities that inspire our designers, the architects they admire, and a quote that inspires them, we also asked the a more playful series of questions to get you a more personal portrait of them.

Continue to read to get to know Patrizia, Marie-Claude, Marie-Sophie, Aude, Manuelle and Marie-France.

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Faithful, humble and pragmatic, Patrizia is exactly where she needs to be. She chose to become a designer because of her fascination with the interaction between humans and objects. If she didn’t become a designer, Patrizia would probably have become an architect. When she was a kid, it was neither design nor architecture that fascinated Patrizia. As a child, she dreamed of being a writer. Maybe one day you will see the name Patrizia Giacomini in a library near you!

As a real Italian stereotype, if Patrizia could only eat one thing for the rest of her life, it would be pasta. If she only had one day left to live, she would spend it eating all her favourite dishes surrounded by her family.

Although she has never officially learned to swim, the place where Patrizia feels best is on a beach. An avid traveller, the most beautiful place Patrizia had the chance to see in her life is the city of Matera in Italy.


Designer was not Marie-Claude’s first profession. She was a psycho educator for a few years first. But after a couple of years, she decided to listen to that little voice in her head pushing her to go back to school. To this day, going back to school is one of her greatest accomplishments. In the end, she wanted to be a designer to “make beautiful things that make people feel good”. Despite her career change, the cause of kids (children and teenagers) in the foster system remains the one she cares the most about.

Marie-Claude has always wanted to help others. Indeed, while the majority of children said they wanted to be firefighters, doctors or veterinarians, Marie-Claude wanted to be a nun in order to be a missionary in Africa.

If she could have a great power, Marie-Claude would very much like to read people’s thoughts. If you have this great power, do not waste your time trying to read Marie-Claude’s thoughts when she goes up and down stairs. You’ll just hear her counting each of the steps she goes up and down!

If she was given a week off starting today, Marie-Claude would go a visit her best friends back home in Lac Saint-Jean. It’s probably not a coincidence that her favourite places to be are near a lake or in her house.


Sensitive, lovable and bubbly are the three words that best describe Marie-Sophie. Choosing to become a designer was very natural for her. She could use her creative side as well as her more organized and pragmatic side. If she hadn’t become a designer, Marie-Sophie would have liked to work for the city of Montreal. She probably would have opted for a position related to the environment since the cause that is the most important to her is the protection of our only home, the earth (her words!).

The most impressive place that Mare-Sophie had the chance to visit is the Chasm Padirac in France. A traveller in her soul, if she could have a superpower, she’d like to be able to go anywhere in the world at any given time. If she was given a week off starting today, she would either go to a small rustic cottage in the woods with her friends or escape to a warm beach with her boyfriend.

We could say that Marie-Sophie also has a huge passion for potatoes (in all its forms)! Enough to be ready to only eat that for the rest of her life if she could only eat one thing.

She never tires of listening to the TV series Friends. So much so that if she had only one day left to live, she would spend it watching Friends with her boyfriend and cat under a blanket, with a cucumber gin tonic in hand.


Authentic, passionate and explorative, if Aude was given a week off today, she would go to the islands, where time is slow and the diving multicoloured. The most beautiful place Aude had the chance to see is the seabed of Komodo National Park in Indonesia. It is not hard to believe that the place where she feels best is near the water in the summer!

When she was younger, Aude wanted to be an architect. She finally chose the profession of designers since she found a creative side, a thoughtful side, and a human side in her day-to-day tasks. Her bachelor’s degree in interior design (including all her short night’s sleep!) is also her accomplishment she is the most proud of.

If she had been able to choose the era in which she lived, Aude would have liked to live during the ’60s for its opening on the world and its colours. If she had only one day left to live, she would share magical moments with the people she loves most in the world.


Imaginative, thoughtful and happy are definitely the three words that best describe Manuelle. Avid reader, the last title she tackled was: The biking potato. Well, maybe it would be important to mention that she actually read the book to her little girl! Her greatest accomplishment in life is being a mother, and all the causes of children are dear to her heart.

One thing is for sure, a life of design was written in Manuelle’s destiny. Indeed, as a child, she dreamed of being a fashion designer and if she had not been an interior designer, she would have liked to be an industrial designer. She finally settled on her current profession for its mix of human, creativity and technical sides.

If she was given a week off now, Manuelle would fly to a sun destination to stock up on vitamin D. The most beautiful place she had the chance to visit is Australia, specifically for its wildlife and floral diversity. If it were possible to have superpowers, Manuelle would like to have the ability to teleport, probably to see all that our beautiful planet has to offer!

For Manuelle, brunch is a pleasure in itself, no matter where you are. So it’s no surprise that if she could only eat one thing for the rest of her life, it would be crispy bacon!


Leader, creative and curious, Marie-France loves to learn. The last book she’s read is Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence and she is fascinated by martial arts. If we could have superpowers, she’d like to be able to speak, understand, read and write all the languages that exist. If she was given a week off right now, Marie-France would spend the first two days with her slippers, her boyfriend, her cats, and coffee, and then she would spend the rest of the week organizing an action plan to redecorate her bedroom.

Like many little girls, Marie-France dreamed of being a singer when she was little. She finally decided to turn her favourite hobby of always drawing plans and making livelihood arrangements into her job. If she was not a designer, she would probably be an artistic and/or documentary filmmaker.

The most beautiful place where Marie-France had the chance to go is Amsterdam. In her eyes, everything is beautiful: buildings, vegetation, people, canals! As a real foodie, if she could only eat one thing for the rest of her life, Marie-France would eat cheeseburgers in all its versions. Even if she had the opportunity, she would not change the era she lived in. Indeed, the status of women in our society is much better today, especially when compared to previous eras.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed getting to know our designer team a little more. And on our end, we can’t wait to meet you!

Talk soon,

Gabrielle B.

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