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Not sure if you got your hands on your copy of the January-February 2019 Coup de Pouce magazine yet, but you will find an article on the 2019 design trends on which our designers collaborated. With all the information we gathered for the article, we decided to come up with our own list of 2019 trends that we are especially fond of.

© Photo: Melanie Elliott

© Photo: Melanie Elliott


Open spaces have been trending for a while now and that will not change in 2019! Why not take this trend a little further and try adding open shelving to your space? It’s a great way to have everything at your fingertips and to display items that make you happy.

Organize your space by creating individual work zones, therefore creating psychological distinctions between stations. For example, you can create a coffee corner or a little breakfast nook by grouping the essentials together. This creates a physical separation with the rest of the space, thereby optimizing the functionality and flow of the kitchen.

Just like every person has their own personality, so does every home. The layout should be planned around the needs of the household, and the choices should reflect the individual personality of the space. Modular kitchen furniture allows you to do just that! A modular kitchen is a great way to personalize and design your own space as you can choose a combination of modules that correspond to your individual needs (Hey @coquo!). The key to a successful layout is to respect the architecture of the house and ensure that the kitchen becomes an integral part of the home.

© Photo: Melanie Elliott

© Photo: Melanie Elliott

Cabinets: Materials, Colours, and Finishes

In 2019, you’re going to see a comeback of more natural materials like oak. The importance of the provenance of materials, especially when it comes to wood, will also play a big part in the decision-making process. Buying local is an ongoing trend when purchasing everyday items and when one has materials to choose for a kitchen renovation project, it becomes even more meaningful. (Conveniently, we buy North American woods!)

You will also see a lot of Scandinavian inspiration in 2019, look out for pure lines and uncluttered spaces. There’s going to be a lot of light-coloured wood like oak or elm, sometimes stained so it matches its environment and sometimes left natural. Be sure to pick a matte finish if you opt for a stained wood so that the emphasis is on the natural essence of the wood grain.

Counters: Materials, Colours, and Finishes

Just like the materials for the cabinets, 2019 will focus on durable and natural materials for the countertops. Think marble, granite, and quartzite with graphic graining, etc. All as thin as possible for a sleek look.

Opt for solid colours to create a monolithic effect, or choose natural stones and play with textures. Don’t hesitate to make your countertop the focal point of your kitchen by keeping the rest sleek and uncluttered.

Porcelain countertops are also gaining in popularity (laminam, lapitec, neolith, dekton) as they gain major points for their heat resistance properties as well as their thin profile.

© Photo: Melanie Elliott

© Photo: Melanie Elliott


When the time comes to choose a backsplash, think simplicity, especially when it comes to maintenance. Opt for a continuous material for the countertop and backsplash in order to create a clean look and avoid visual clutter with too many different materials.

Another option would be to opt for a sleek and monochromatic countertop and choose a rather textured backsplash in order to make it the focal point of your decor.

@coquo_mtl  in the  @witnessapt   © Photos: Jessica Nash

@coquo_mtl in the @witnessapt

© Photos: Jessica Nash

Faucets: style and colours

No need for decadence in 2019. Ideally, choose something simple in the same shade as your handles or keep it monochromatic with the countertop and the sink. Dare to mix metals and colours. Think outside the stainless steel box and opt for blacks, brass, copper, or maybe even a bright colour. Be daring but keep it elegant and simple.



2019 Pantone Colour

Like every year, the 2019 pantone colour was announced a couple of weeks before the end of 2018. This year will be the year ofLiving Coral (colour code 16–1546): “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”*


I hope we’ve inspired you.

Talk soon!

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