Cuisines Steam is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. For the occasion, we want to get out of the ordinary and offer a kitchen full of originality and manufacturing challenges. In short, a kitchen that looks like us and that may surprise some!

This post is the first of three that where we portray our creative process and our original desires for materials. The basis of our concept is to let the passing of time shine through in a contemporary kitchen. So the question of which material to use is our priority in our creative process. We need to find a material that can oxidize quickly to create this antiquated effect, the detail we want at any cost. COPPER is our favorite choice! It oxidizes in record time, which gives it this old time charm. We got the patina we want for this kitchen.

Eureka here is the first check on our check list! But (because there is always a ton of maize) we have to look at the limits of this material. Indeed, copper does not weld without consequence. This alloy does not support too high heat without deforming and waving. Starting from this constraint, how can you elaborate a concept taking into account the limitations of the subject?

This is where it becomes interesting: ideas are built from the constraints. It drives us to reinvent ourselves and push the boundaries of creation!

While waiting for the unveiling of our new flagship kitchen in February, I will talk about our thinking on the subject and space in my next post. How to design a kitchen taking into account the limits of materials and space to create an ergonomic and functional environment? Feel free to send me your comments.


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