As promised, today I unveil our new kitchen showcase and I take this opportunity to slip a few words on our passion for cooking!

Fifteen years ago, Jean and I were discussing a name for our company. We dreamed of an innovative SME focusing on the quality of execution, attention to detail from design to manufacturing. Our love for the kitchen led us to revisit its design in a bold way to offer unique and sought-after concepts for the lover of the kitchen in all its forms. We have refined our vision to offer a product that stands out and integrates harmoniously with the architecture of the house. Today, surrounded by our great team, we wanted to reveal to you our secret ... it's the little details that make the best kitchens and it's our people, designers, cabinet makers and installers, who make your kitchen the heart of your house!

Thank you to all our customers, friends and collaborators who contributed to the success of Cuisines Steam.