Planning process

The following is a detailed list of the different packages offered by Cuisines Steam. A visit to our showroom will demonstrate our approach to kitchen design as well as our company philosophy.

preliminary meeting

Tell us about your project, meet with a designer in our showroom and discover our kitchens, our materials library and most importantly, learn more about our expertise. A general budget evaluation can be done on site. Click the link below to learn about the items to prepare for your first meeting.


Quote based on external plans

If you have already developed kitchen plans with an architect or designer, we can evaluate the budget price based on these. Once the budget price is accepted, we invite you to proceed to the next step.  With the Steam consultation, you benefit from the whole team's expertise as we develop the ergonomics and functional aspects of your space.

Consultation and planning with a steam designer

Recognized for our unique designs and as ergonomics specialists, we offer you the best of our ideas by planning all the little details of your future kitchen. Our goal is to offer you a concept that will take you elsewhere by thinking outside the box. We will present you a complete set of plans with 3D renderings and elevation views to explain the thought process and planning that went into our proposition. We will also prepare a detailed quote of the proposed concept. Once the quote is accepted and the contract is signed, we will give you the complete file and continue working on your project to refine the concept. 


*credited on the delivery of the kitchen

Purchasing a steam kitchen

Purchasing a Steam kitchen means benefitting from the expertise of our team of designers, woodworkers and installers. You invest in an exceptional design, a very high quality product and a service that has made our reputation!

We will hand you a complete set of plans and drawings presented to you during your consultation with a Steam designer, and we will be able to rework the plans to your satisfaction. Steam goes on site to take proper measurements and prepare detailed production plans. These plans will have the necessary details for site preparation by your contractor, plumber and electrician. Upon your request, we can also prepare a lighting proposal plan. The Steam team supports you in your project all the way to installation. Even after delivery, we will always be of service for all add-ons, repairs or maintenance.

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**Consultation and planning with designer included