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Cuisines Steam

A love story is behind the founding of Cuisines Steam. A couple that had a great desire to work together decided to unite in 2002 to live from their passions. Both foodies and design enthusiasts, Brigitte Boulanger and Jean Côté joined forces to rethink the heart of the home - the kitchen.

A name derived from Quebec jargon seemed appropriate. The "steam" or condensation that formed in the windows when cooking, inspired the name of the company. A name that is a nod to Brigitte's mother who passed on her passion for the culinary arts. 

After presenting their products at the SIDIM (International Design Exhibition of Montreal)  Cuisines Steam opened its first showroom in 2002, on Bellechasse St. in Montreal.  Upon receiving the Certificate of Excellence in the kitchen cabinets category, business was booming. Projects were multiplying for a growing customer base and thus Cuisines Steam became a pillar in the field of contemporary kitchen design. 

In 2006, the company moved its showroom to a storefront in Little Italy in Montreal.  The space allowed for the showcasing of the latest innovations in the field. With time, the company expanded with the addition of designers, wood-workers and a specialized installation team.

With ideas and aspirations abounding, a need for space was felt in order to meet the creative needs of the business, but also to accommodate the growing team.

In 2014, the Montreal based design company drops anchor on St-Laurent Blvd. The new premises offer substantial improvements over the latest nest in Little Italy.  The space allows for the showcasing of their innovative ideas and remarkable quality. 


Current showroom of Cuisines Steam and its new brand coquo

7865 St-Laurent blvd, Montreal

Cuisines Steam is thus backed by a strong sense of tradition and craftsmanship. Designers, wood-workers and installers unite, and through their respective specialities and talents offer a product that represents the creativity and effervescence of Montreal.